Portada para Decade In The Sun

13 10 2008

Hace algunas semanas había salido la portada para Decade In The Sun, ‘best of’ de Stereophonics. Sin embargo el día de hoy anunciaron lo que será la portada para la versión regular del disco, debajo dejo la imagen. También revelaron el contenido del DVD para este mismo lanzamiento, en el cual se podrán ver los videos promocionales de los sencillos así como las participación de Noel Gallagher, Ronnie Wood y The Who.


Este es el contenido completo:


More Life in a Tramp’s Vest
A Thousand Trees
Local Boy In The Photograph
The Bartender & The Thief
Just Looking
Pick a Part That’s New
I Wouldn’t Believe Your Radio
Hurry Up & Wait
Mama Told Me Not To Come
Mr Writer
Have a Nice Day
Step On My Old Size Nines
Handbags & Gladrags
Vegas Two Times
Madame Helga
Maybe Tomorrow
Since I Told You It’s Over
It Means Nothing
My Friends
You’re My Star

DVD Extras

I Wouldn’t Believe Your Radio (with Noel Gallagher)
Mama Told Me Not To Come (with Tom Jones)
Substitute (with The Who)
Bank Holiday Monday (from the VLMAs)
T-Shirt Suntan (live version)
Don’t Let Me Down (with Ronnie Wood)
A Thousand Trees (early live version)
My Friends (live TV version)
Yellow Pages Advert (early film directed by Kelly)
Summer (from Cadogan Hall)
Just Looking (from the V festival 2008)
Looks Like Chaplin (from the Belfort Festival)
Not Up To You (promo video)




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