Metallica en México

3 06 2009

Falta muy poco para los conciertos de Metallica en la Ciudad de México y ya comienzan a salir un poco más de notas al respecto. Les dejo un scan del periódico Reforma donde escriben brevemente sobre una convivencia que habrá con algunos fans del club oficial, así como también muestran una foto del escenario armado y casi listo para los shows.





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4 06 2009

Hola como estan, vendo 2 boletos de Metallica seccion GENERAL A para el jueves 04 de junio a $1200 c/u. Soy de la zona de naucalpan y nos podemos ver en algun lugar neutral. Los boletos son ticketfast y te los puedo entregar personalmente y enviartelos a tu correo para que compruebes que son 100% originales asi como mostrarte todo lo referente a esta compra para que tu tengas la certeza que son 100% autenticos. Los vendo pues yo no pienso asistir y quiero dejarle este par de boletos a alguien que en verdad este interesado, unicamente estoy cobrando el boleto y los gastos de manejo. Gracias


4 06 2009

To the Metal Militia in Mexico:

Do you see what I see…?

The Four Horsemen have finally arrived.

You’ve reached THE END OF THE LINE.

There’s no sadness in what’s true. That day we thought would never come is here…

It has been 10 long years since that April 30 of 1999, the wait of a decade has finally ceased. Prophecy revealed. It’s time for the blood to follow blood and show Metallica from what we are made of. Because whatever didn’t killed us in the past, has just made us stronger for today. It’s time for our Apocalypse.

So What?

Tonight, in the first of three concerts they will play here, in our Mexico, we are all confined to become Death Magnetics.

Tonight while everything fades to black, as we become wolves to hail at the master of puppets, exploiting their supremacy…

Tonight… forget to be careful with that thing you wish, cuz all your wishes and dreams will become All Nightmare Long!

Fellazz, pump your engines up with Fuel and Battery, it’s time to show the scars and awake the demons, cuz nothing else matters.

Remember that in your life not even one bullet was ever shot in vain, and thank mommy and daddy for taking your wings before you learned to fly so that you could come crawling faster today to the Foro Sol to give your goddamn best and not less!

Tonight WE DIE HARD!!!!

W-H-I-P-L-A-S-H motherfuckers!


Not even a chair, not barriers, not obstacles, not “WOLVES” just the thing that should not be…

Lean on your friends and…Metallica.

Veterans remember we are disposable heroes, new generations bow down, sell your souls and hail to your new god now.

When they are gone we’re gonna feel much better… trust me.

If Metallica gives us heavy…

we shall show them heavy!!!!!!


(Azpaz OZ tks por el roxk después de tantos años) (Mich bienvenida)

7 06 2009

Yo les tomé una foto hahahahahabueno, lo que pude…

Aqui el link:



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